Kustom Wood Cutouts

Kustom Wood Cutouts

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Kustom designs carved or lazer engraved into almost any size or shape wood. From ornaments to welcome signs we can do them all!

    If you receive merchandise that you believe is defective or of unacceptable print quality, you can contact us to send us at least three pictures or more of the product within 7 days of delivery. Please provide pictures from different angles for a clear verification. We will have a Claims Representative to review the issue and, upon verification of the mistake, we will remake the product for you. Standard Production and Standard Shipping are only estimated schedules and are not guaranteed to meet deadlines. Any requests for a remake or refund past 7 days after delivery will be denied.

    We cannot restock customized products. We therefore only provide refunds for custom products if a Claims Representative determines that we made a mistake on the order that cannot be remedied by the remake. If we do not determine that we are at fault and still decide to grant a courtesy refund on a discretionary basis, it will only be a refund of the shipping cost at most. This also applies to discretionary cancellations granted after an order is already in production. If a cancellation is requested after an order is already in production, we may grant a courtesy refund of the shipping cost. You will not receive the product, but since the order has been already in production and in the process of being customized, we may only refund the cost of shipping.

    Blank products can be returned to us with a 25% restocking fee and shipped at your own cost.

    Any order with used or distributed products is not refundable and not part of the money back guarantee.

    Please note that no credit card or check refund will be available for transactions that are more than 90 days old. Only store credit can be offered at that point. Each check refund will incur a $25 processing fee, which will be deducted from the qualified refund amount. If your order is originally paid with a combination payment methods such as Store Credit, Reward Credits, Credit Card, and/or Check, you will receive a refund or credit back to the original payment methods for transactions within 90 days old. If the order qualifies only for a partial refund or discount, we will refund according to the following priority: Store Credit, Reward Credits, Credit Card, and Check.

    If your order is being returned due to any reason, the package(s) will be kept in the facility for 20 days & will then be recycled or donated. Any reshipping request when the order is still in facility will require a reshipping fee. Any reshipping request after the order has been recycled or donated will require a new order to be placed and paid for.


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